Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bush to Obama in Peaceful Transfer of Power

Oops, I almost forgot to ask if you saw this picture! I think this photo op was arranged by President Bush and is the strongest message of the Inauguration, although it might not be as popular with the Obamaphiliacs as a nice portrait. Can you think of a better message to send to the rest of the world--and especially emerging democracies--than the Obamas and the Bidens waving goodbye to George and Laura Bush as they leave Washington DC? The peaceful and lawful transfer of power is a great blessing that all of us enjoy in the United States. The Obamas said a lot of nasty things about President Bush during the campaign, but President Bush turned the other cheek and gave the Obamas a warm welcome to the White House. I am afraid that he was much nicer to them than I would have been. While President Bush botched some stuff--some pretty badly--while in the White House, he left his office with a great deal of dignity and showed the highest level of respect toward our political system, President Obama, and the will of the people.


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