Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day Fashions

We went to bed early last night and skipped TV wrapup of Inauguration Day. Apparently Michelle Obama was expected to break all the rules of fashion yesterday, and she did a great job. Not that it matters; the fashion world could use a little pepping up which also could help the economy. We are delighted to note that Barbara Bush, Sr., she of the 12 mm daytime pearls, was not stricken when she saw Michelle Obama's diamond/rhinestone thingy around her neck at mid-day. I will admit that even I had a moment. . .

All the ladies whom I know have opinions on the first lady's Inauguration Day fashions. Their views run the gamut, and interestingly enough don't break down on party lines. Personally, I think that the coat of the daytime dress must have lined with that bullet resistant cloth, same as Mr. Obama had for his suit. That is the only way, I should think--save a buckram lining that I am sure no experienced designer would use--that an outfit of pashmina and wool could have appeared so stiff.

I am calling the ballgown Michelle's "Scarlet O'Hara look." Remember when Scarlet took down the drapes for a dress? The first ballgown looked like Michelle went after the bedspread! Or, as one commenter put it, it was a coconut cake look.

It becomes clear that in one respect Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama are exactly alike. As the saying goes, "it is all about the shoe," and both ladies have the ability to keep America's economy strong as its female citizens rush out to buy the latest look in footwear. We would note, however, that Sarah Palin's favorite brand (Naughty Monkey) costs about 20% of Michelle Obama's (Jimmy Choo). So much for Republicans being elitist.

I can't remember whether last time I cleaned out the closet whether or not I gave away my teal heels. That could be important. After the Inauguration, they may be the new black.


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