Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chicago's Chicago Tea Party in Perspective

I was sorry that I couldn't be at yesterday's Chicago Tea Party, put on by the growing anti-government spending movement. Much of the nation is concerned. Some with getting Michelle Obama arms. Others tut-tutting that Michael Smith--the decorator who re-did the million dollar office for Merrill Lynch's John Thain recently slammed by the President-- is re-decorating the White House for the Obamas. Some are commenting that the White House social secretary is being paid by you the taxpayer to go New York's "fashion week." Some are more serious. The President of the American Bankers Association, Edward Yingling, has some harsh words for the White House and its miserable words about banks, most of which have nothing to do with the current crisis. Larry Kudlow's opinion is that the President has declared war on some segments of society. In some quarters, there is growing alarm that when it comes to Washington D. C., the fox is indeed in charge of the hen house.

Almost everyone I know is mad, frustrated, and dismayed by the spending bender in Washington, D.C. Nevertheless, it was surprising to see so many people used to comfort, and usually content to be part of the chattering class, willing to show up and speak out on such a cold day at the Chicago Tea Party. The Backyard Conservative has video coverage as well as a ton of pictures. El Rider at Flying Debris has a number of posts, and Google is reporting (as of this moment) over 42,000 blogposts on Chicago's Tea Party phenomenon.

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