Friday, February 20, 2009

Has Barack Obama Gone to Ga-Ga Land?

I am not sure whether Barack Obama has gone to ga-ga land or whether pay-to-play politics has him firmly in his grasp.

Front page headlines in the Sun Times this morning was the fact that the Obama campaign has failed to pay Chicago the nearly $2 million owed for holding the Obama victory party on public property. That would be the same campaign that Barack Obama said qualified him for President as having exercised executive authority. Also in headlines, is Obama's meeting with 85 mayors to discuss what's in the Stimulus for their cities. Said Obama, "You shouldn't have to succeed despite Washington; you should be succeeding with a hand from Washington, and that's what you're getting now," Obama said at a White House reception."

Two and a half months later, the campaign says they are still looking into various bills for the event.


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