Friday, March 20, 2009

The Revolution Will Travel by Luxury Bus

If we were to imagine something like the French Revolution here, I suppose one of the first things would be killing, injuring, or perhaps just intimidating the well-to-do. Since it appears that the well-to-do are being counted on to balance the US budget with increased taxes, that might not be a good idea

Nevermind. I don't support the AIG bonuses, and I imagine you don't either, but will you be driving in a luxury bus past houses lived in by AIG executives with the express purpose of harassment? That would to make them feel extra safe and secure in their own homes, for sure. And think of the children! Over in New England, such plans exist for tomorrow. An AFL-CIO group is scooping up people in the region for a drive-by of Wilton, Connecticut, where the major news is coyote attacks.

If I lived among the executives of AIG, I'd be packing up the kids and the dogs for the weekend and heading out of town. I would figure that the government would be a far fairer target, especially since Connecticut Chris Dodd let it be known that the government knew of those bonuses all along. We would also notice that there's a distinct air of astroturfing here. The drive-by group are strong backers of Obama, who has suggested that his supporters get busy getting people in line for his new policies in Washington.

UPDATE: They're not just planning to drive by, they're ringing the bell!


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