Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adios to Arlen Specter

So this was news about Arlen Specter? His votes marked him as a Democrat years ago, and the reason I never complained was that I figured he was entitled to his opinion. At least the Democrats won't be using him as the poster boy for how a reasonable Republican would think any longer.

I heard the news before I saw the press conference. My first reaction that Specter had gotten in touch with his inner leftist, and in an aha moment decided that the Democrat Party was a better home. Nothing so high minded. Turns out that he said he couldn't win a primary challenge and was unwilling to have his Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate.

There are reports that Specter was in talks with the Democrats for months. That did surprise me.  I thought it would have been years.

Let's hope that Specter holds firm on the Card Check. Certifying a union via signed cards has been used for a long time--when management's actions against union organizing have been so egregious that there has been concern whether a union could get a fair election at all. There's nothing fair about the card check; it's blatant payback for election organizing.


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