Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fastest Web Browsers

If you aren't an IT professional, you might never think about how the web browser you are using influences your view of the Internet. About the first thing I did at home when I installed Internet Explorer 7 for a test run was uninstall it. Nevertheless, millions of Americans are forced to use this incredibly slow browser at work. While I don't think its use has added to the economy's downturn, it surely has created a decline in worker productivity as office workers go off in search of coffee while waiting for pages to load.

Pictured above (just click on the picture if you want it larger) is a graph with the results of speed tests of various browsers as measured against IE7 at a benchmark of "1." Since I have tried most of those browsers at one time or another, I enjoyed reading the article at betanews.

h/t Google News


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