Monday, June 29, 2009

The Skunks are Doing Well

From the smell of things, I am pleased to report that the skunks that have lived around my yard for the last few years appear to be alive and well. They really aggravate my neighbor, which makes me very happy, because he has been aggravating me for years. The lawn company is always trying to sell me a grub treatment, but I am not too much for putting poison around my house. Among other things, skunks like to eat grubs, so I happy to see that the skunks have not moved away. The only problem is, that they dig holes in the lawn looking for the grubs, which makes for unsightliness. Since I would rather have unsightliness than poison, I can accept the trade-off. The only reason I know we have skunks is the smell, although I saw a skunk one or twice when taking out the garbage at night.

I found a really interesting video on PBS about skunks, but it really is too much information. A few years ago, our outside cat had a tangle with the skunk family, and it was a very bad week, indeed.

Update: This post on skunks is not a backhanded comment on our Congressman (who runs under the Republican banner) who voted for Cap-and-Trade, but it is okay if you think it is. I am not a happy camper.


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