Friday, August 14, 2009

Something for Everyone Plus a Butter Cow

Click here to link to the Buttercow cam!!

Stop complaining that you have no money or time for a vacation. Head for the train or put the family in the car and head to Springfield! The Illinois State Fair is in full swing through Sunday, August 23, 2009!

From wine tasting to symphony, from American Idol Rockers to Intergalactic Wrestling, from animal displays to animal acts, it is impossible to believe that you won't find something there for every taste.

The Illinois State Fair website improves yearly, and this August many of the webcams are visible on the Internet. The hotel booking engines indicate that there are still vacancies in local Springfield hotels and motels, so it's not essential to make it a day trip. You can find all the info you need at the Illinois State Fair website, including the butter cow cam. While I didn't see a picture of it on the website, I also hear that there is a butter sculpture of President Lincoln. How Illinois is that?


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