Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama and Health Care: He's Still Making a List

In pursuit of whether the Obama health care logo looks like an old Nazi graphic, I found out something interesting.
The rat-out-your-neighbors-and-friends program to send "fishy emails" about the government healthcare program to, now being defended by the White House, is being supplemented by a request to send your personal email address to President Obama via his website,, now being paid for by Organizing for America. This collection of email addresses won't be going to an official government arm, but a political action committee organized by the Democratic National Committee. The Democrats want to share your email address with your Congressman and publish your first name, city, and state showing how you support the President.

From's privacy policy, "It is our general policy not to make Personal Information available to anyone other than our employees, staff, and agents. We may also make personal information available to organizations with similar political viewpoints and objectives, in furtherance of our own political objectives." So what is a Congressman anyway? Certainly he or she is not an employee or staff member of the Democratic National Committee, or an organization. That leaves only "agent" for choice, and it's tough to think that members of Congress aren't agents of the people.

While Speaker Pelosi carries on about "astroturfing," Tom Mannis has a post on how Organizing for America is the biggest astroturf of all.

Note: Pictured above, on the left, is a picture of an old letter from Nazi Germany showing the wings and orb echoed by the picture at the right with the healthcare logo.


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