Monday, August 03, 2009

Got Unclaimed Lottery Winnings? 75K from July 6, 2009 Ticket Bought at Family Pantry in Wilmette

Did you buy a lottery ticket around the fourth of July over at the Family Pantry on Lake? If you did, read on.

When I was cleaning up, I found a Mega Millions lottery ticket from February. I don't think I ever checked the numbers, and much to no surprise, when I did all I had was a costly piece of white paper with a red stripe on the side. Since I don't spend as much on gambling per year as I would spend on one Starbucks latte, I am not too worried about my self. That is, except for the disappointment at feeling so discouraged about the future I would gamble. But let's face it: an extra $175 million in my pocket right about now would really improve thing for me. That didn't happen, but someone luckier than I has $75,000 waiting for him or her for the July 6 Little Lotto draw.

When I checked my numbers online, I found out that there is $75,000 in unclaimed lottery winnings for a ticket purchased at the Family Pantry on Lake for the drawing held on July 6, 2009. If you purchased a ticket recently at the Family Pantry, do check you pocket or purse. Finding out that is was you, could really improve your whole day!


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