Monday, August 24, 2009

Standing Up to Wrongdoing, Just Say "No!" to Scotland

As the West goes increasingly mad, and Scotland (and by extension, all Britain) in particular, we are making an annoucement. Due to current conditions, and the need to preserve our very limited stocks for the duration (which may be indefinately), non-family guests at the Padena home will no longer be offered libations which include the ingredient scotch whiskey.

Please further note, that snacks or dessert will no longer include Walker's shortbread, until or unless they open US production facilities whose products consist wholly of US ingredients and manufacture (and we would note that only Wisconsin butter would be tolerated as a substitution). Jules Destrooper cookies, despite their thiness, shall be substituted.

Guests are requested, if wearing kilts or tartan in any form, to ensure that they either have been purchased and manufactured prior to August, 2009 or are of non-British origin.

In protest to the recent happeings in Scotland and to do something positive, please consider a donation for a compassionate cause which fights British cruelty.


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