Thursday, November 05, 2009

November 2009: Big Victory for Democrats

Tuesday night was a night that celebrated the Democratic Party. Don't fall for that stuff you are hearing from a bunch of teabaggers! The Democrats are stronger than ever! Take it from one who knows, and that would be Nancy Pelosi. When the ballots were counted on Tuesday night, the Democrats definately won on November 3, 2009. It was a big victory. Just check out Fox News, which is, as usual, carrying on about it all the time and spinning the news in favor of the Republicans. Figures, doesn't it? Could there be bigger proof of the way Fox lies than you don't hear much of anything about the election on CNN Headline News?

No lesser light than Ruy Teixeira, from the Center for American Progress Action Fund, that knows about these things, has advised fellow Democrats to relax! Barack Obama remains the hero he is to his base. Don't you think if there was a problem he would have said something? Barack Obama wasn't even worried. The election was so in the bag, he didn't even bother watching the returns and his daughters took off for a mid-week Miley Cyrus concert. So about the last thing Democrats need to do is to over react to some stupid, made-up results promoted by Fox News.

Democrats have friends in the precincts, and they can even speedily turn on a dime if a candidate needs help! Don't be misled by a bunch of claptrap mindlessly repeated by a bunch of sheeple right-wingers. Holiday time is coming soon, and it is time to put politics aside and to start planning your celebrations. Do make some shopping lists and mix up a few sample batches of holiday punch! The good news from Washington is that the corner has been turned and the recession is over. The last thing you would want to do is to not be prepared for the holidays or have some gifts that fail to recognize that by Christmas good times will be here again.


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