Friday, October 30, 2009

New Trier - Open Your Wallets!

Conservative Wilmette blogger, Eva Sorock, has been working on her blog, conservativeBrand, for some time, and it has really started to shape up and look good. While I don't think she's quite mastered the hyperlink yet, she mastered political comment long ago. Eva spent years taking the heat as an alternative viewpoint on the Wilmette school board, daring to question what needed to be questioned by any genuine representative of the people. While I sometimes (or often, depending on the tides, the weather, or the issue) don't agree with her as far as specifics, Eva's viewpoint is always thoughtful and worthwhile. With discussions of millions of dollars at stake in a planed spending spree at New Trier High School, I am adding her to my blogroll; her voice will be an important one.

For my part, I am seeing and hearing more local evidence of quiet but substantial discomfort as a result of the economy's gyrations. Some may be temporary, or more perceived than actual, but with many of the area's residents tightening their belts, it seems to be a terrible time to consider projects to increase taxes. Second half taxes in Cook County are really late this year. The word is that there will b a substantial increase. While there are other explanations, I imagine there is going to be a genuine collection problem, and that there was a great deal of pressure to wait to send out the tax bills until well after the decision of the Olympic Committee. I fear there is going to be a good amount of suffering, and by that I mean the taxpaper and not the government.


Anonymous ex-chicagoan said...

I'm trying to decide if I support the proposal or not. Initially I was all for it. After all we moved here (Wilmette) from the city specifically for the schools, so if means paying more in property taxes than so be it. The letter you posted from the past principal (which by the way has a spam comment you should delete) made me think what are the motives? Often the new regime will come in and try to create a legacy and that's obviously the wrong reason to do this. We plan to tour the school and see it for ourselves, but I would like to see if some other readers could lend their input so that I make an educated decision. Thanks.

Jan 12, 2010, 9:53:00 PM  

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