Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just What Happened in Florida?

Goodness, gossip journalism has run amok! So many twists and turns it could be a full time job keeping up with the Woodses, and the Uichtels and the Grubbses and the Moquins. After the serious news stories of the past months, it is quite a relief to find an engaging, global story that never once includes the words, Afghanistan, surge, poll, 2010, 2011, or public option. The Chinese version of recent events in a ritzy, gated community in Florida is perhaps one of the thieves of our time well worth sharing. Thanks, Tiger, for giving us even more from America's favorite pastime.

UPDATE: It appears that Tiger Woods is a cheat, at least in his personal life, the only part that remains unknown is the details. Woods' pleas for the public (who have made him incredibly rich by purchasing goods--in particular, Nike--which he endorses), to simply leave him alone and let him cheat in private don't sit well with many. We believe that when it comes to sports, and sportsmanlike conduct, being a cheat is not a personal matter. In the words of Swedish golfer, Jesper Parnevik, who earlier expressed his regrets for introducing his former nanny, now Mrs. Tiger Woods, to her husband and suggested the inappropriateness of Tiger Woods living by Nike motto, "just do it," "There's nothing I regret (saying) and I stand by everything. He's lost all my respect, I mean, all the respect I had for the guy is gone, that's pretty much all I can say." And in saying that, Mr. Parnevik has pretty much said it all.


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