Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Apology: Sincere but Creepy, Very Creepy

So I watched the Tiger Woods press conference this morning; Tiger was sincere, contrite, and incredibly creepy. Also arrogant. Tiger Woods is very, very sorry that he let his fans down, but keep in mind mostly he has been all about helping those children through his foundation for many years. He was unfaithful, but Elin never whacked him with a golf club and it is horrible anyone would have ever said this. Other than it being horrible that this was said, and that it makes Tiger Woods angry, it is none of your business. Nothing that happens between Elin and Tiger Woods is any of your business, so nothing further will be said about that. Leave his family alone. If you wonder whether Elin and Tiger will stay together, it is none of your business.

Tiger Woods let his business partners down, and he is very, very sorry about that. Tiger knows that was wrong, and he will be returning to therapy because he has had a long time to reflect on the situation and now knows that the rules apply to him. He also knows that he must make amends. Tiger now knows that he strayed from his Buddhist values that he learned from his mother and will be taking more therapy and how dare you think he ever took performance enhancing drugs? He never took performance enhancing drugs.

Nothing says "I'm deeply sorry" to one's friends like inviting the TV cameras over to record it all.

There will be no questions.

I hope you watch the video, too, although it might not be any of your business.

Meanwhile, over at the Tiger Woods' Foundation, Tiger's Action Plan is still undergoing a rewrite to include "new, exciting areas of study," but the additional activities remain. Kids are encouraged to "Take risks and try new ideas. You can’t go wrong!" Okay. Guess it worked for Tiger. A game, Who’s Tiger Woods?, is recommended. "Students survey three to ten people outside the group with the following question: What do you know about Tiger Woods? Back in the group, they share and discuss what they’ve learned about Tiger." Clever, eh? And quite amazing that Tiger is so proud of his foundation.

UPDATE: I ran into a couple of articles which are humorous and lend perspective that I wanted to share. You might enjoy
Jeff Neuman: I Am Not Tiger Woods
Giles Smith: Secret Diary of Tiger Woods - Part 1
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Giles Smith: Secret Diary of Tiger Woods - Part 4
Giles Smith: Secret Diary of Tiger Woods - Part 5-1
Giles Smith: Secret Diary of Tiger Woods - Part 5-2 (Final)

While I am sure it is none of my business, even though it was on public TV, the photos of Tiger Woods kissing his mom at the news conference (one is above) are super creepy. It is really creepy (and quite self-serving) to make private apologies at a public event. Tiger hugging his pals on global TV before exiting the stage when his speech was finished was creepy, too.While Tiger Woods may have had plenty of time for reflection, he apparently didn't do any reflecting on inappropriate behavior in general. I mean, I don't think Tiger Woods has been in prison and couldn't contact people privately. His people say he has been in rehab, he terms it "in-patient therapy." For what they didn't mention, but they probably let you make phone calls and have visitors. Whatever the case may be, that is none of our business.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really creeped me out at this so-called "news conference" is Tiger's outright LIE about there was NEVER any domestic violence between him & Elin.

There is documented evidence that walls in their entry hall were literally destroyed that night, requiring repairmen to come in and rebuild them. And of course, they have no explanation of why the rear windows of their Esplanade were smashed-out that night.

No, Tiger, there has NEVER been any domestic violence in your house (that you will TELL THE TRUTH about.

Feb 20, 2010, 12:48:00 AM  
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