Friday, April 30, 2010

Mañana the 2010 May Day Immigration March

So manaña, May 1st, Spanish speaking Americans (joined by other groups in solidarity) will be holding May Day marches throughout the country to show their support for unlimited and unregulated immigration to the USA. In Chicago, the march takes place at 1 pm, starting at Union Park and ending at Daley Plaza. You can click here for a complete list of where they will be held and who to contact for further information. While these marches will primarily feature those for whom Spanish is their first language, oddly enough an unusually high percentage of the contact persons have names which aren't Spanish at all--and would lead you to believe that their family roots are in Northern Europe. Whether that makes a difference I am not sure, but interesting none the less, and raises the question just who is promoting and profiting from "immirstion reform.


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