Thursday, April 08, 2010

Plight of Persecuted Christians: Open Doors Webinar

With Easter just ended, along with its perfect weather, its hard to get back to these cold, grey days. I had a great Easter weekend, and am pleased to report that I arrived at church early enough to get a pretty good seat. Several times last week I found people asking if I had any special plans for Easter, and these were people who I didn't know at all. Just goes to show how important Easter is to many Americans, and how very comfortable they are discussing this Christian holiday with perfect strangers.

From our American location, we forget how difficult it is for many Christians to celebrate Easter, or practice Christianity at all, in much of the world. These Christians are persecuted minorities in their very own countries. It's hard to think of them suffering today like the martyrs of old, but unfortunately it is not as uncommon as you might think.

What are the signs of persecution? What should we be looking for and what are current trends in the world? These topics will be covered during a one hour webinar hosted by Open Doors USA on Thursday, April 22, 2010, conviently set at lunch time (12:15-1:15) for those of us on Central Daylight Time. Click here to sign up and receive log-in info, and no you don't have to give them your address, your phone number, and all the stuff you might like to keep private. Less than 10% of persecuted Christian leaders have any formal ministerial training, and Open Doors seeks to fill that gap, providing education, training, and other materials to persecuted Christians across the globe.

Early last November, I made a commitment to occasionally blog about the plight of persecuted Christians. These Christians seem forgotten by other Christians throughout the world, and , and Open Doors believes that mostly this is due to a lack of awareness on our part. Interestingly enough, what is most wanted by these persecuted Christians is our prayers. So do take a minute to look at the Open Doors Website (and its press center), see the webinar if you can, and if you have a blog, consider spreading the word.


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I'm doing the Edinburgh Marathon for Open Doors Persecuted Church, can you sponsor? Open Doors and the Persecuted Church would be so grateful!


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