Thursday, April 01, 2010

Too Many Easter Hams

Last night I went to pick up a ham for Easter, but the store didn't have the brand I wanted. They did have a lot of other brands, however and I became overwhelmed. With too many choices, I simply gave up. Today, I will try again, although I am not sure it will be any better. I can get $8 off the ham if I buy $30 worth of groceries, but I can't think of anything I need or even have room for.

When I was checking-out last night, I was in line behind a guy using a WIC voucher to buy some food. After he was done with that, he pulled out a $20 and paid for his 12 pack of Corona beer. When we are subsidizing the purchase of imported beer for some of the population, it sort of makes you think. I told the story to a friend of mine who works in a poor school district. She isn't so sure the students get adequate nutrition at home and they often lack for school supplies, but she says that the parents all seem to have plenty of money for cigarettes. But Easter is fast approaching, the crocus have finally bloomed, it feels like summer outside. and one can't dwell upon the wealth of the poor.


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