Monday, May 10, 2010

"Babies"--a Film You Should Go See

All the ladies in the family decided to go see the film Babies on Mother's Day. We loved it. The movie is a 75 minute documentary about the first year of four babies: Ponijao (pictured above) from the Himba tribe in Namibia; Mari, from Tokyo; Hattie, from San Francisco; and Bayar, from Mongolia. There isn't any plot except the cuteness of babies and maybe the brotherhood of man, and there isn't any dialogue, either, except some people randomly talking in the background.

None of us are what you would call "baby lovers," so don't think you have to be one of those people who never misses the chance to chuck a baby under the chin to enjoy the film. (If the trailer interests you, you will love Babies, too.) In addition to babies, the film features domestic and farm animals who interact with the babies including the prettiest rooster you have ever seen. Because all of the babies are pictured in their families' homes, the film is also a great travelogue.

I imagine Babies will win the Academy Award for a documentary next year because the film is a winner on all levels. Since I think Babies is more stunning on the big screen than it will be on your TV at home, I would make the time to go see this film now. We all plan to go see it a second time!


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