Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dan Seals Not Running for Congress in 2012. Maybe.

The Daily Herald reports that perennial candidate for Illinois' 10th Congressional District, 9th District Wilmette resident Dan Seals, isn't taking a fourth crack at Congress. Well, that is unless he is taking a 4th crack at Congress. Sound confusing? It is.

According to the Herald, "His [Seals] comments came with a caveat, however. Although he isn’t planning to run again, Seals said he’s 'certainly not closing that door to the future.' "

It would appear that the true answer answer is to "stay tuned for further reports." Meantime, Seals appears to have taken down his website. With earlier charges that Seals recycled old endorsements for later elections and made a 180 degree change in several political issues, this further obscures the matter.


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