Thursday, January 06, 2011

Good to Know Our Extemely Local Swat Team News has International Coverage.

No need to pick up a Winnetka Talk or Wilmette Life this morning. You can go directly to the UK Telegraph for the big local news story that happened just a short distance up Wilmette's Hibbard Road in next-door Winnetka. It's being called a "butt-dialing" incident, but one cannot decide whether to laugh or cry with the news that a Washburne School employee (it is not clear whether the man is a teacher) accidentally called his wife on his cell phone (which was in his back pocket) while driving after school, presumably on the way home. After the phone rang, not only was there no one there, the wife heard noises which consisted of either the radio or  CD playing Gangster Rap Music and her husband talking to himself. The wife panicked, decided her husband  was being held by a dangerous gunman at the school, and immediately called 911.  911 sent out a 30-man Swat Team who spent three hours searching the school and found nothing. Evening meetings at the school were moved elsewhere, and local police turned away parents returning their children to school for various activities. Eventually the husband showed up at home.

Why the Washburne School employee's wife confused a mistaken cell phone call with a severe police emergency is wholly unclear.

Interestingly enough, while the news about this situation showed up only yesterday, the actual incident took place on Monday, January 3.


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