Sunday, September 04, 2011

Staycationing: Off to the Lake Forest Art Fair on the Square

Today I wanted to go do something different, so I decided to take the train from Wilmette to Lake Forest to see the Lake Forest art show. If you don't have your whole Labor Day planned, you might want to consider going, as the art show continues tomorrow. It's a great train trip via Metra, because when you get off the train you are about 10 steps from the show. How easy is that?

I took the 3:04 pm train and returned on the 5:24 train, and it was just enough time to see everything without too much lingering at any one exhibit. There are some nice things at the show, and some very nice things, too. There were some artsy kids clothes, and pretty clothes for ladies. One vendor had every type of artistic wooden spoon you could dream of, and next to him was a vendor selling some nice Japanese type pottery with a number of small vases that were very affordable. There was sculpture, jewelry, and some pricey but very creative baskets. Of course, there were paintings and photos, and a number of different kinds of art.

A number of very good looking dogs accompanied some shoppers, so if you have a very well behaved pooch, you probably can take him, but I don't think they can go on the train. The kids there seemed to be having a very limited amount of fun, but don't hesitate to take older family members because there are a number of benches around the square. I heard a number of people comment on how nice this art show was, and with the mild weather it was something pleasant to do outside.


Anonymous WIlmette Chris said...

Did you find any quality piece of artwork? Or did you just stick to browsing for the day?

Sep 15, 2011, 12:56:00 PM  

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