Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sweet News
Salute to Eduardo Carvalho

While I have been dreaming of corn-fed cars, turns out the Brazilian have been busy making ethanol a transportation reality. Brazilian ethanol is made from sugar cane, though, not corn. Their flexfuel is actually costs less than fossil fuel when oil prices exceed $45 per barrel.

Eduardo Carvalho was Chief Economic Advisor to Brazil's finance minister when the 70's oil crisis occurred. It was his pushing of subsidies to the sugar cane industry that started his country on a path to energy self reliance. Brazilieros are now reaping the benefits of their many years of of hard work solving the oil problem. Brazil plans to be free from the burdens of imported oil by year end.

When Brazil began the sugar cane program almost thirty years ago, the World Bank contributed $200 million in support. Carvalho's next plan is for the World Bank to arrange for technology transfer to Africa, which has a similar climate to Brazil.

Senhor Carvalho, Wilmette salutes you as a man of vision and practical dreams.


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