Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wilmette Bulks Up: Tall and Ugly
Green Bay Road Development Revealed

I took this picture directly from the Backyard Conservative's Website; she is back to her investigative reporting and citizen action about the new development at the old Ford Dealership.

Looks like we are in for a tall and hideous treat across from the train station; let it never be said that whoever designed this building has any taste! In fact I would call whoever designed it just downright anti-social. I imagine that the people making money off this monstrous development live far away where they will never have to see it. Yuk and more yuk!

You will want to read the post about Wilmette Village Center LLC for yourself. You'll appreciate the comments made to a Mr. Pochter, who apparently represents the developers. Mr. Poctor engaged in a little name-calling, finding the Backyard Conservative "short-sighted," and told her she should see the benefits for the village.

Mr. Pochter, if you read this, I think we people who live in Wilmette are all going to be very unhappy; as far as the building goes, I think we are going to hate it.


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