Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Web Tourism: Holy week

Is there any more curious sight to American eyes than a Spanish Nazareno? While the Spanish speaking Anahuac are taking to American streets this Holy Week in search of voting rights, the European Spanish are marching for Jesus.

In cities across Spain, Holy Week is filled with religious parades, often at night, lit by torch. Because marching without shoes, or with chains in tow, are viewed as pious acts which must be anonymous, the Nazarenos hide their identities under robe and hood, wearing garb the style of which dates back hundreds of years. While they might be hiding their identities, hiding socio-economic status never seems to have caught on--velvet and satin in jewel colors are common.

Spain still has a limited presence on the Internet, and English content is very rare. Nevertheless you can see Nazarenos preparing for a torchlight parade in Vigo and other pictures by clicking here. Seville actually has a website for the processions (where the above picture appears)--just click here. There are also a number of interesting photos here, although these are more recent.

So whether you are off to Spain this week, or just viewing the sights at home, remember: just keep practicing that Spanish!

More interesting Holy Week pictures from Spain


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