Monday, April 03, 2006

Aztec Uprising: Rebuilding the Anahuac Nation

Turns out that what we thought was a protest in Los Angeles over proposed legislation is far more than that--it's the Aztecs. They're back, and they're madder than hell! Think I'm suffering from delusions from indigestion after eating my hat? See the Aztec's pictures and read their viewpoint by clicking here. (Scroll down for the pictures.) In the words made famous in December, 1941, "This is no joke."

If this hate group has its way, they will be sending all white people back to Europe, and restoring the Empire of Montezuma.

I won't argue that Spanish rule was lousy, but didn't the Europeans, formerly known as English, do their part when they defeated the Spanish Armada? After all, it was the miserable and unenlightened policies of the Aztec Empire that made conquest easy for the Spaniards in the first place.

Take a look around the website for the Los Angeles protest , and see with your own eyes the photoshopped pictures of US public officials dressed as Nazis. And don't bother checking facts at Wikipedia. The Aztec entry has been hacked up so badly you can't tell truth from fiction, completely violating the Wikipedia requirement of Neutral Point of View in the process.

You can take a look at the Mexican Government's much-discussed guide for people who will enter the United States illegally here. It's translated into English, but the Spanish version is there also.

There's a worthwhile article at Newsweek about problems with guest worker programs. After all, if we don't want to be sent back to Europe by the Mexica government, we need to do some deep thinking on immigration.

Nothing-new-under-the-sun-department: Smart thinkers, and I wasn't one of them, picked up on the movement to take over at least part of the United States over four years ago. You can read about that here.


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