Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wilmette Weekend: Lawn Tips and More

Time to get off the Internet and get going, Wilmette! Spring is in full swing, and after last year's drought the lawns are looking pretty shabby.

The University of Illinois Extension has a great website specifically targeted to lawn in Northern Illinois. There you can learn to care for your lawn in eight easy-to-understand lessons, or read one of 30 fact sheets on lawn care.

Venerable lawn care specialist, Scotts, features a great weed identifier on their website, although from the look of things, we need to concentrate on dandelions. Plantea has several tips on how to eliminate dandelions organically, but using a chemical spray will probably be faster and easier. If you're going chemical, maybe just buy what you need this weekend, and wait a few days to apply it. Those yellow spots in the lawns throughout the village look mighty pretty!

If you just want to pretend you are really serious about the yard, just head over to Chalet. Of course, maybe Osco (or Jewel on Green Bay) will be getting some hanging plants on Saturday morning--they're always cheaper. And come to think of it, Treasure Island can be a good source of plants, too.

You better set the alarm though; with showers forecast for the weekend, an early start is best.

(If it's raining, you could amuse yourself downloading MP3's legally at Early MusiChicago. or just by decluttering the house.)

Photo Credit: DrBacchus who posts his photos on Flickr.


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