Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wilmette: Not Paying Enough Taxes? Relief in Sight

Wilmette residents, feel like you're not paying enough taxes and fees? Worry no more, because relief is in sight! There are articles in the Wilmette Life about both the teardown tax and the increased cost of vehicle stickers.

Wilmette awards gold stars to Wilmette Trustees Alan Swanson and Mari Terman who are now on record as opposing the teardown tax. Two thumbs down and a nomination for the Wilmette Karl Marx Award to Trustee Trustee Lali Watt, who says senior citizens have plenty of money to pay the teardown tax when they sell their homes.

The Backyard Conservative and I are both calling for that unthinkable solution: CUT SPENDING! She has a great post on the entire situation (including the fact that municipalities in northeastern Illinois are spending at a rate almost double that of revenue from 2000-2003) which you can read by clicking here.

Welcome to new resident Carol Saunders Harbaugh, who has lived in five other states. She was courageous enough to speak up at a Village Board meeting last week with the following observation, "Never in my life have I seen a place that has so much taxes. Never have I seen governments that spend so much money." We hope she will get a blog.


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