Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Begging the Question: What Do We Know About Dan Seals Anyway?

There's nothing illegal about Dan Seals moving into a neighboring district and running for an office in which he doesn't live. There might not even be anything wrong with Dan Seals running for Congress in a district to which he appears to have absolutely no historic ties, because the decision ultimately rests in the hands of the voters. However, trying to find information on Dan Seals isn't too easy, and we have some question that no one seems to be answering.

How long did Dan Seals he live in Illinois before declaring for Congress? How long did he work for his employer before he declared for Congress? Does he belong to any 10th congressional district civic groups or clubs? Does he belong to a local house of worship (in fairness, many candidates keep this fact from the public's eyes)? Has he ever served on a local board, or a board in the IL-10 district which he aspires to represent? Does he have anything in common with the voters of the tenth congressional district other than being tall, having a master's degree and travelling abroad?

If you go to Dan Seals website, there are precisely six (6) sentences about Dan Seals. For some people, I suppose the words "Democrat,""Clinton Administration" and "Washington, D.C." are enough. If you click on his Endorsements, it is mostly elected Democrats and Unions. For my way of thinking, the ultra liberal, way-left-of-center agenda revealed on Seals' website is just too radical for the North Shore.