Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dan Seals Quiz: What is the Picture and Why Don't You Care?

IL-10 Congressional Candidate Dan Seals recently changed his website from calling for Redeployment from Iraq rather than withdrawal from Iraq, and I figured maybe he had learned that the Naval Station at Great Lakes is in the Heart of the District from which he seeks to be elected.

Clever fellow, Seals probably knows enough about elections that the cadets stationed there vote at their home of record and not in the District. But the problem is not that Dan Seals is a Democrat, but that he is a Democrat who doesn't know the district from which he seeks to be elected or at least doesn't care. Mayor Daley has sterling credentials as a Democrat, yet he wasted no time in telling fellow Democrat John Kerry that he should apologize for his remarks to the thousands of young people who seek to serve their country in our armed forces with dignity and honor.

Not a word in support of the fine young men and women at Great Lakes Naval Training Station on Seals' website, nothing. We deserve better. Just one more reason why Dan Seals is wrong for Congress and wrong for the North Shore.

Quiz answer: The picture, above, is the is headquarters for Naval Service Training Command, Navy Region Midwest, and Commanding Officer Naval Station Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Marina, on Lake Michigan, is in the background.

Further thought: Kerry's website states "Dan's the man in Chicago". Hmmm. Sometimes in politics you gotta hold your friends close.

Update: Is Dan Seals Kerry Smart? You can see for yourself here. Compare John Kerry's view to Dan Seals' view that if people of Iraqi want Democracy they can fight for it themselves, nevermind how many purple fingers we have seen.

Update: Friends of John Kerry made its latest contribution to the Seals' campaign on November 3. Click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think that we should be sending U.S. servicemen and women over there to get killed fighting for democracy, if the Iraqis don't want it in the first place? I know that my cousin, a Marine who is on his THIRD tour of duty there, certainly does not think so.

I guess being safe in your living room affords you certain opinions you wouldn't have if your life were actually on the line.

Nov 3, 2006, 9:50:00 AM  
Blogger Publia said...

My Marine family member thought it was well worth his time, but everyone has a different opinon. His life was on the line every day. I am sorry to hear that your cousin doesn't like being there. Safe in my living room is thanks to so many valient volunteers like your coursin who are willing to serve their country. We should not forget that, and you should let him know how much we appreciate what he is doing for us.

Nov 3, 2006, 7:40:00 PM  

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