Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Travel To the Chicago Christmas Market and Discover the Sad Truth

By Monday of this week I found myself in Christmas Market withdrawal, so I headed over to the Chicago Chriskindlmarket at Daley Plaza. I hadn't been there since Thanksgiving weekend, when it all seemed quite magical. No longer: after seeing all those Christmas markets in Germany I could only find fault. The bratwurst bun was too large, and the bratwurst was too small. It lacked in flavor. The price was too high, and I had to put on my mustard myself.

Not enough evergreens, lights, and absolutely no large bunches of mistletoe. Spoiled? I think so. I even passed on the chocholate fruit. What began as a voyage of discovery abroad ended up as voyage in self-discovery when I had to face the sad truth: I had become a Christmas market snob.

I went to the market with one of the people with whom we had travelled to Germany. She listened carefully to my complaints and sighed: "Well it just will have to do until next year."

Photo Credit: I didn't have camera, so I copied this photo from flickr. I really like it. It was taken by Baby Jenkins.


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