Friday, January 26, 2007

Wilmette Weekend: Hurry! Get Those Trustee Petitions Done!

If you are thinking about running for Wilmette Trustee, stop thinking about it and get those Petitions done! You can find futher information here, but make sure you carefully read the info on the State Board of Elections website about the proper way to present those petitions before you file them. These are serious rules, and candidates ignore them at peril to their candidacy.

How are you going to get all those signatures before February 5, you ask? Tomorrow morning, head over to the Post Office. It gets a lot of Wilmette traffic, so that will help. All week long you can go to the Metra in the morning. That also gets a lot of Wilmette traffic, with people who don't have much to do until their train comes. Go early so you can get the maximum number of trains.

Generally people are happy to sign your petition, knowing that the more candidates to choose from the better the Trustees will be. Oddly enough, conservative Republicans and moderate-to-liberal Democrats have worked together on a number of Wilmette issues over the years, both being in complete agreement over one or another issues. While both sides of the equation generally emerge amazed at how easy it is to work together with people you previously thought were wrong about everything, it has created a great village spirit over the years. The village has a great history of supporting diverse candidates, so don't think your age, national origin, religion or the amount of time you have lived in Wilmette is a bar.

If you're thinking about it, just do it!


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