Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rat Poison for Pets from Menu Foods

Update: Scroll down for additional recalled pet food

If you put rat poison, even inadvertantly, in your products designed for household pet consumption, it might be a good idea to get a really professional PR firm to help when you get found out. For a nearly textbook example of what not to do, just click here.

Don't you think pet owners should be protected from having Chinese wheat products entering our country undetected? I hear China is starting to corner the garlic market, but I sure haven't seen any signs to that effect on any garlic at our local markets.

Poison anyone?

Note: Menu Foods, the firm which made the poisoned products, has a website with a telephone number and links to web pages with the affected products can be found by clicking here. Kind of gives you a whole new perspective on table scraps, doesn't it?

Update 3/31/07: The Food and Drug Administration's webpage with more recall information from additional brands can be found by clicking here.


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