Monday, April 09, 2007

Protest Rally in Iraq Signals Political Change

Can you think of anything better than a peaceful protest rally in Iraq? I can't. While this is an anti-American rally, it seems to me that if the Iraqis are learning non-violent protest, that US troops will be going home sooner rather than later.

The downside is that the organizers of the rally appear to openly solicit the killing of Americans, which is hateful indeed. We, of course, condemn that. It's also unknown whether this is just a photo-op and a prelude to further violence.

Nevertheless, this is a new type of photo coming from Iraq, and it is quite stunning. The idea of advancing political causes through freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the ballot box, rather than through violence, is precisely the lesson that Iraq needs to learn. I am sure that they faster they they learn that lesson, the sooner our troops will be gone.

While cynics might say that this is mere propaganda, the truth is that most of those impacted worst by war--those who fight--generally have friends and family who love and care about them. When people go to peaceful protests, they return home hungry for a meal and in need of a nap. Those who welcome them home realize that this beats a martyr's funeral every day of the week. Before you know it, the whole family might be advocating this method of advancing political change, and I hope that is the case.

I remain adamantly opposed to those "good luck and good-bye" politicians who have zero commitment to the idea of democracy in the mid-East. I hope all the readers of Wilmette had a good Easter, and are as cheered by this news as I am.


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