Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thank You, AT&T

No sooner had I lamented that the DSL , without which there is no blog, pretty nearly gave up the ghost this past week, when suddently web pages were loading faster; quite fast, actually. After several days of no Internet accesss, intermittant access, and really, really slow access (about 5 times the speed of dial-up), I was shocked. I ran a speed test and found that I have a whopping 1931 Kbps connection. That's faster than ever before, and just plain old fast. Youtube, I'll be back! While that 291 Kpbs upload is pretty sad, I'll overlook that for the moment. Thanks, AT&T!

Update: No Internet tonight most of the time. I'll try replacing the DSL filter. Only problem is that they are very, very hard to find. You would think they would be pretty freely available in a metropolitan area of, say, 7 or 9 million. No, they are not. It's about a 2 minute fix, but it can't be done if you have no replacement.

I got a fax from AT & T. They said they were "conditioning my line," whatever that means. At the moment my Internet connection is back to 330 Kbps. Is there no hope?


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