Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Assault on Free Speech in San Francisco

There is an free speech issue in San Francisco that has mostly been a local San Francisco story, and it's pretty interesting. It involves the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco, a radio talk show, and you probably won't be hearing about it from the usual free-speech advocates. The talk show host is Michael Savage whose byword is "Libralism is a mental disorder." The person who would like to silence him is the Supervisor of the City of San Francisco, Geraldo Sandoval, a liberal.

Savage, who from all accounts is a reformed liberal bad-boy who counted beat poet Alan Ginsberg as a friend, has a number of pet subjects about which he rants on talk radio. He specializes in outrageous, politically incorrect, material and undoubtedly makes most conservatives feel very liberal, indeed.

Sandoval introduced a resolution, condemning a comment of Savage's as "hate speech," when Savage opined that some immigrants undergoing a hunger strike could die for all he cared. The proposal came before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, August 14, 2007. Only one board member, Ed Jew, who isn't Jewish, but whose grandfather was an immigrant from China, voted against the proposal, effectively stopping it in its tracks.

"For the record, I do not agree with comments allegedly made by Mr. Savage," said Mr. Jew, "but the First Amendment gives him the right to make those comments," Jew said. For further information, I found an interesting post on Voice of Truth. For more on Michael Savage, you could tune into his radio show in Chicago during evening drive time on 560AM.


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