Monday, October 29, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween

We finally got excited about Halloween yesterday and pulled out our decorations. We kept finding more, so put them out. Then we went to Jewel and found all the Halloween item on sale, so we bought some new decorations to add to what we already have. We tried to make the effect a little spooky, but not too scary for the small children.

We have a lot of candy and treats to give away, and we bought some pretzels and other treats that aren't candy. We will need a lot of children stopping by, because we are well stocked.

Tonight we may carve our pumpkin. We have one big one and two small ones.

We are going to have a pretty jolly Halloween over here, and we hope the blue skies and warmth holds. The number of trick or treaters varies wildly from year to year, but mostly it seems to correlated with the weather.

Sadly, we note that this fun-filled, child-centered, fall holiday which is growing in popularity globally, won't be enjoyed by many children.


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