Friday, October 26, 2007

I Visit the French Market in St. Goar

I took a boat trip on the Rhine, and got pretty excited when I got off and found a French Market in St. Goar! I took this photo of this crepe maker, and the guy came out to talk to me, wondering why I was taking a photo. I told him that I came all the way to Germany and found a French Market, just like we have in "mon petit ville, Wilmette" located near Chicago.
Tomorrow, Saturday October 27, 2007 is the last French Market in Wilmette, so if you want a crepe better head over. Having seen a number of German websites, they are pretty big on the "Tipp" and I have one for you. If you buy the baguettes from the nuns at the market and cut them into convenient portions, wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer, you'll be able to enjoy them for quite a while without any loss in quality. I would skip the other bakers at the market, which is a lot less picturesque than the market in St. Goar.

From the look of vehicles parked nearby, most of the vendors drove over from France, and apparently were able to comandeer some municipal vehicles to do so. They were selling a lot of sausages there, none of which can be brought through customs, so I didn't buy anything. I was left wondering, however. When it comes to the street market are the French planning to dominate the world? If you are what you eat, this could be troubling . . .


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