Sunday, December 09, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

Time to start planning to take a few days away from the cares of the world. Time to put up the Christmas Tree, or the Festivus Pole, if so inclined. Time to buy some Christmas cards, address and send them. Time to buy a wreath.

Is there enough time in one day? I'm looking to save a few minutes wherever possible. I found some good presents over at Carson's at Edens Plaza the other day; how easy is that? I also went to see the new Fresh Market specialty grocery store that went into what I think was the Fidelity office. They have a lot of items there that would make nice little presents, especially for people at work. There is a lot of fancy food there for the holidays. I was disappointed to see fish that is endangered, though, and wish they could expand on their music repetoire to something more than the theme for Masterpiece Theater and its clones. There is too much high fat food, but maybe that will change over time. Best of all the store isn't too big.

I got a very pretty plant for a present which was from the Chalet. Think we may be make this an "all Wilmette" Christmas!

I don't even have the lights up yet, so no more time today for blogging. Earlier this morning I made some Gingerbread scones and they were pretty good. The recipe is here.


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