Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Brief Pause While We Spend All Day With AT&T Tech Support

No, I haven't disappeared, it's the DSL, again. Two and one half hours from the time I called tech support, AT&T has thanked me for using AT&T, and believe me I deserve it.

It's hard to blog, hard to get email, and hard to be out and about on the Internet without a connection to the Internet. When no solution I could devise worked, I called placed a call. Debbie took me carefully through the steps, and I was getting somewhat impressed that we might be getting somewhere she said, "Now take the cable from the computer and connect it to the wireless router and connect the cable from the wireless router to the computer."

While this one didn't end very well, there is one blessing--at least I did not have to listen to the stories on how a blazing fast 182kbps download speed gosh-golly-gee sure beats the dial-up on the farm!

In truth, I am still suffering from flood after effects. Usually I have one computer connected to the Internet through a modem, and a laptop connected wirelessly. During the great August storm, everything had to be removed and we (ok, I) lost a cable in the process. That's the cable that allows both computers to be connected. In the meantime, we've been wireless only. In the past few days even that hasn't been working--wirelessly or plugged into the modem.

After spending this amount of time, I barely have enough time to put up a quick post. It's 1:45 am, and come to think about it, it must have been well over 2 1/2 hours that I patiently followed instructions. While I would blame it on cheap labor through outsourcing, domestic tech support also seems to have unlimited amounts of time to devote to solutions that don't work. These techs are making a leisurely living the way they do this, but if you can't get online, finding a something both useful and fast is pretty near hopeless.


Blogger El Rider said...

I once considered AT&T but then I recalled the issues that you have discussed. That's the power of blogs right there!

Nov 15, 2007, 11:42:00 AM  
Blogger Publia said...

I am ready for comcast, but in order to get them into I have to do a basic "Move Everything" so they can run a line in where the telephone enters. All that moving will end up being a day's work, and a lot of it. The cable under the rug is ready, but the spirit is weak. This post felt very good to write. Maybe I will one day gain the strenth to discuss what I have already endured trying to deal with Comcast!

Nov 15, 2007, 2:00:00 PM  

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