Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dan Seals' "Professorgate" Hits Mainstream Media

Today was not a good day for Dan Seals, Democrat candidate in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District. While candidates generally are happy for any coverage, the negative stories in the mainstream media cover the growing contraversy about how Seals characterizes himself. Articles in both the Pioneer Press and the Chicago Tribune address the fact that Seals--who doesn't even live in the district in which he is running for office-- has been saying he is a Professor at Northwestern University. The truth is, candidate Seals’ sole teaching credential is one night class that is scheduled to be taught in Northwestern’s continuing education department long after the February 5, 2008 primary.

Over the last month, Seals has come under increasing scrutiny by local bloggers and commenters for resume padding on this issue. Seals has not yet taught even one class. Lacking in the discussion is what will happen if enough life-long learners fail to sign up for the class to form.

The Team America 10th Blog has a series of posts, complete with dozens of comments, which appeared on January 5, January 16, January 25, and January 30 regarding what 10th district residents believe is--at best--lack of truthfulness by Seals. You can read the Tribune story on their website. The Pioneer Press story, however, will be available online for only a brief period of time; after that click here for a link to a copy.



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