Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Live Free or Die

Continuing on with the creativity concept, today we are combining a state motto along with an art theme and a coloring activity. If you think there is also some commentary on New Hampshire's primary, you would not be incorrect. Watch the news (especially Drudge) and if you have a little bit of Cook County campaign know-how (and perhaps a vague memory of dirty tricks in your youth), you'll be wishing you had signed up with Barack Obama, no matter what your party. His campaigners are sure having an awful lot of fun, and they are a creative lot! Even some of the Chicago media is buying into some of the events that just seem to be happening spontaneously and point to the inevitability of Obama. Can you believe?

If you have any normal level of political sophistication Cook County style, you know all that exciting, good stuff happening to the candidate of the moment isn't mere coincidence. Grudgingly, I've got to say it: these guys are good.


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