Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome to the New Nation of Kosovo

Kosovo declared its independence today, which was not an unexpected event. The Sebians are hopping mad, but the people in Kosovo are delighted. What a pleasure it was to find the image above while looking for pictures and videos about Independence Day celebrations. Forever is a long time, but right now we can enjoy this gesture of friendship, as well as the American flags that figured prominently in the celebrations.

Kosovo is a very poor country, and sadly enough the available pictures and videos celebrating the Indepence are mostly from expatriates living and working abroad, who have enough money to have the technology to record this historic event. There are pictures of celebrations in Switzerland, in Germany, in New York, and in Belgium, although I found a video of a very noisy car rally in Kosovo itself. Most of the rest of the videos uploaded today are pictures with music, which yielded the friendship picture above, or videos taken with cell phones of very poor quality.

While there are troubling stories of possible war, this day of joy for Kosovo and its citizens--who are grateful for the help of the US, the EU, and Switzerland-- should not go without the notice of those who love freedom.


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