Monday, April 14, 2008

More Scandal News from Indiana's Obama Campaign

While the Backyard Conservative calls for Barack Obama to change, the campaign that Barack Obama runs, or which runs him--as the case may be--definitely needs change. The Obama campaign continues to behave very badly in nearby Indiana.

The other day we raised the issue of a gift of a Dave Matthews ticket in exchange for ID information at Indiana University. Now there is another brewing scandal for the Obama campaign, and its at Indiana's Purdue University. Blogger ManfromMiddletown details how a graduate from last Summer's Camp Obama (which according to reports was run by the not-too-law-abiding Robert Creamer, the husband of Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky) has not only been using university resources to benefit the Obama campaign, but has also been encouraging Purdue students who have already voted in primaries in their home states to re-register in Indiana and vote again.

At issue is the diversion of Purdue University resources to the Obama campaign. According to the ManfromMiddletown, the trouble began after the teaching assistant (predictably a graduate student in the Political Science Department) "began to brazenly misuse university resources in order to benefit the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama." In 2007, this teaching assistant "applied and was accepted for an internship in college organizing by the Obama campaign . . . [u]sing training and advice from the Obama campaign . . . spent so much of his time working in the [Political Science] department on campaign work, that computer #5 in Beering 2208 became known as 'the Obama campaign's" seat in the laboratory by other graduate students. ' "

Despite official warnings from the University, apparently these activities have continued until the present. The blogger alleges that "I firmly believe given the fact available to me that the Obama campaign is a calculating participant in this affair." These are troubling and exceedingly serious allegations which you ought to read in their entirety. While the post originally appeared April 9, if you scroll down, the post has been updated to April 13. You also might be interested in reading the comments, some posted by jeering Obama partisans that show an utterly callous disregard for the law as it regards the prohibition against campaigning by tax-exempt institutions, others which excoriate the blogger (a Daily Kos Democrat) for bringing this story to light.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

these allegations were shown to be false. Give the FEC a ring. You may also try to discover the real reason the accusations were made by the blogger. Read those comments more carefully.

Feb 5, 2009, 9:23:00 AM  

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