Friday, April 11, 2008

Wilmette's Green Initiative
President Canning Gets it Right

We have been banging the drum over here at Wilmette for a good long time on behalf of green initiatives, but I would like to make it perfectly clear that these initiatives should be adopted by responsible citizens as habits of thrift and economy, not imposed by government fiat. For this reason, I was delighted to read that Wilmette Village President and lifelong Wilmette resident, Christopher Canning, who previously voted against forming an Environmental Commission for the Village, is now joined by several Wilmette Village Trustees in questioning the necessity of such a commission.

Big Government advocate, Lali Watt, who seems to never miss a chance to to impose her viewpoints on the good citizens of the Village of Wilmette via Village law, can't wait to adopt whatever a lobbying group called Go Green proposes. This "Go Green" group is misguided. While it spends its efforts on lobbying, it would be far better for the group to spend its time and money on educating the residents of this village.

I would note that the latest marketing trend for many companies is to have governments mandate the use of products which only certain companies make or sell. For this reason, the Go Green group is suspect. If the people who are behind Go Green are serious about green initiatives, they should stop seeking government solutions and appeal to the good common sense of the average citizen of Wilmette.

h/t: the usually thrifty Backyard Conservative, who might be tempted to turn off that car engine if she is reminded that this tactic was first proposed by Shell Oil Company in Gas Crisis I.


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