Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lucky Obama Gets Tossed Under the Bus by Hamas

In the latest chaper of Tossing People Under the Bus, lucky Barack Obama has been un-endorsed by terrorist group Hamas. Meanwhile, his old pals at St. Sabina's--the community people who Obama organized and encouraged to speak up about their rights--are going to meet with Cardinal George about what is perceived as an outrage: the removal of Fr. Pfleger from the pulpit for a period of reflection. According to a pastoral associate at St. Sabina's, " We felt very disrespected as a faith community. Basically [George] is responding to the concerns of white Catholics," who were offended by Pfleger's comments on race in a sermon he gave late last month at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. "So what about your black Catholic community, the one you have again disrespected?"

Oh dear, Chicago's in a terrible mess. Everything that usually works in Chicago when the politicians throw their hands in the air and give up has been tried. A Daley has been called to help (Fr. Vanecko) ; the Church has been called in to help (Cardinal George); and still big problems remain. Forget the governor, he's shaking in his shoes after Rezko's verdict, likely meeting with his legal team. Quick! Call in the Jesses Jackson, one of whom knows a little bit about running for President himself.


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