Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Did Dan Seals Think His House was in Mark Kirk's District?

Is it bad to gossip? I suppose on some days we all indulge.

Sometimes there is amazing information that appears in blog comments. Team America, who has been posting fairly regularly on Dan Seals, the Illinois 10th Congressional District candidate who lives and runs from the 9th Congressional District, and his blog attracts a large number of comments. I simply have to share the following, which is the seventh comment to this post:

"Seals came into our office to register to vote after buying and moving into his house. We filled out the form, including his residency in the 9th Congressional District. Seals told us that we filled out the voter registration wrong, obviously intending to run against Kirk.We apologized and said no, you are in the 9th. Realizing his huge mistake, closing on his house and already moving in, Seals realized he had not done his own homework. The lines for the district had been finalized by Springfield a year before."What have I done?" he said."

That house purchase was several years ago, obviously, Dan Seals has been running for Congressman pretty well non stop for the past 3 years, and Congressional redistricting takes place only every ten years. Because I am unable to verify the information, this remains as gossip, but I thought it was pretty funny story.


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