Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is Dan Seals' Campaign Behind a Hateful Push Poll?

This morning, Wilmette calls upon Congressional candidate Dan Seals to address a hateful, anti-military push poll that is being conducted in Illinois' 10th Congressional District, home of the Navy's Great Lakes training station. Details are provided by Lone Wolf on the Experimentum Crucis Blog. Voters deserve an answer from Dan Seals as to who is conducting this poll and why they are conducting it.

Seals, a 9th district resident who has no historic or current ties to the 10th Congressional District which he seeks to represent, reports that he has assembled 70 interns--"some of which are from the East Coast"--so his campaign should have no problem addressing this troubling issue.

Well over a week ago we pointed out the fact that Seals is attempting to mislead casual visitors to his campaign website with an old primary endorsement by the Chicago Tribune. With obviously ample manpower, it would appear that Seals has little regard for the intelligence of district residents.


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