Friday, September 05, 2008

"Bryn Mawr" Email on Palin: Opening Salvo to Class Warfare?

I never received any of those sketchy Barack Obama emails, the ones the ones that tried to convince readers that Sen. Obama was a Muslim, etc. Well, maybe I received one, but I promptly deleted it because it was stupid. However, I now have an email forward that purports to be from a Hillary supporter who is a Bryn Mawr alum. The email seems to be an opening salvo to outright class warfare on Sarah Palin. The writer is horrified that Gov. Palin is running for election, and part of that might be that Sarah Palin attended a public university. The writer refers to Gov. Palin as a redneck, Alaska hunters as toothless, and is downright offended that the parents of students in of Wasilla, Alaska have a "tenth grade education."

Brace yourself, you might be geting this email also, or others like it. While the writer promises "let me know and I will send some links to Informative web sites" there is no email address just in case you might want to check them out.

It's hard to think that Hillary or Obama supporters would stoop so low. After all, neither seemed interested in rejecting votes from Alaskans, snow mobilers, the toothless, or those who didn't graduate from high school. It's also hard to believe that a person who shows bitter dislike of the culture of Alaska would live somewhere other than a good liberal state such as Massachusetts or Oregon.

I am grateful that this seemingly endless election will be over in 60 days. There are plenty of differences between the candidates other than the dentistry of their supports, and any American with a 10th grade education is capable of figuring that out for themself.


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